Hello, My name is Graham Brunk, I am a recent graduate of the Florida State

University Library and Information Science program(iSchool).  I am also an undergrad graduate of Florida International University with a Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration.15219606_10154782131749116_186045982399041554_n

My ultimate self fulfilling prophecy is to provide a world class enriching experience to the lives of people through the study of technology and information.  I’ve spent 4 years working for Apple, Inc at an Apple retail store and I have about 6 years of experience working in public library service as well. I am confident my mix of unique retail experience with my strong knowledge of the public library sector creates the perfect blend of skills needed in the ever changing career it is today.

I was born and raised in Palm Beach County, Florida and would like to continue my career in the same area.  I am working my first non-fiction book and am currently employed full time at the amazing Society of the Four Arts King Library in Palm Beach, the town’s public library.  I am also Vice President for the Palm Beach County Library Association  In my free time I like to write, read, instagram (@instagraham1001), and Tweet.

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